About Me

Tra-verse is a travelogue through which I wish to share my personal journeys & the experiences that went with it.

An insatiable wanderlust that was instilled in me since childhood has remained with me to date & this itchy feet has led me to seek & explore places.

Friends & relatives always enjoyed my travel stories & sought my suggestions before embarking on a journey. That got me thinking about creating my own travelogue. The thrill of planning a trip, packing & finally jaunting is unparalleled. So, why not share that joy with the world I felt, & thus this travelogue. Seeking new pastures, discovering a new culture, relishing Nature & cherishing all that this beautiful Earth has to offer, are the stuff that a journey entails. And on this Earth, man has left his mark by way of magnificent structural marvels. This blog is a medium through which I’ve tried showcasing that beauty & the lessons I learnt in each new milieu.

There’re many places I’ve been to, but those haven’t found a mention here as yet. And not that I’ve covered the whole earth. No, not yet. However, I hope to do that one step at a time.

Metaphysics & Freelance Writing are two of my main vocations. I have been practising Feng Shui, Tarot & Astrology for more than 17 years, with a happy clientele & have been writing too. This blog however, is my own enterprise & feeding this baby is something I enjoy the most. Here, I invite you to be my virtual bird of passage..☺️